About me

Mohamed is currently a Senior Bioinformatician at Prepaire Labs in Masdar, Abu Dahbi UAE, where he supervises & develops a Bioinformatics Tools. In addition, Mohamed develops and oversees research training programs in several Algerian Universities.

During his work at TAGC and Necker Hospital, Mohamed focused on the application large- scale genomic approaches to understand genetic and epigenetic mechanisms associated with normal and pathologic cell development. He identified a group of Long Non-Coding RNAs (LncRNAs) dysregulated in leukemia and perform functional assays to study their potential implications in oncogenesis.

Mohamed, also, evaluate enhancer activity in different cellular contexts, including cell stimulation, transcription factor perturbation and pathological models; and explore the dynamics of selected histone modifications and transcription factors during early T cell development in vivo. These projects were conducted in collaboration with the European Blueprint consortium.

Mohamed has acquired extensive knowledge in experimental and computational biology, specifically in transcriptome analysis and chromatin immuno-precipitation coupled with deep sequencing (CHIP-Seq) and RNA-sequencing analysis. Mohamed is proficient in R, python, Perl, JAVA and many other programming languages.

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